A safari to see the Kasanka bat migration in Zambia

Date: 26 Jul 2011

Reported to be the biggest aggregation of mammals in the world, this spectacle knocks the socks off the wildebeest migration in terms of sheer numbers.  Probably a tad tricky to count, it is estimated that 5 million straw-coloured fruit bats converge on this remote Park in northern Zambia during November and December.  Their spectacular aerial displays against the setting sun as they head out to forage can be seen for miles.  During the day, you can wonder amongst the trees and see the bats chattering, grooming and resting up.

For photographers and nature-enthusiasts, this is a real David Attenborough moment.  Combine it with Bangweulu where the endangered dodo-like Shoebill Stork can be found.

While the fact that this area of Zambia is little visited is a good enough reason for some, it does mean that there are relatively few choices for accommodation and operators in the area.

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