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Thinking of travelling to Morocco? Think again


05 Jan

Posted By

Alex Edwards

Look it’s New Year and a time when we’re all trying to give stuff up, so I feel I should share this little warning between friends; travelling to Morocco can be highly addictive.

Sure, you think you can handle it.  Why not, it can’t be that amazing, can it? It’s just a mixture of rich culture, epic desert, snow capped mountains and dramatic coast - right?  Maybe, but be warned, once you’ve tasted it you’ll just want more.  And it's close (just 3 hours away), inexpensive to get to, great value and before you know it you'll be finding reasons why you need to keep nipping back there.  I know, because it’s happened to me.

OK – that’s it, I wont go on, but don't say we didn't warn you.  If you’re sure you can take it and you want to see why we cant get the damn place out of our heads, then read on or watch this little video clip


Morocco - perfectly pitched


04 Jan

Posted By

Alex Edwards

Spot the camp - one of the remote locatons for our camp, just south of the Jebel Sahro in Morocco

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