Lion and Buffalo Interactions in Ruaha and Katavi

Date: 12 Sep 2011

The dry season in East Africa kicks off in June, so by October, the flood plains of Southern and Western Tanzania have become parched.  Water is a scarce resource to say the least.  This is where to head in search of some adrenalin action.

Two parks in particular - Katavi and Ruaha - are renowned for the buffalo that gather at this time of year, sometimes in their thousands, within reach of dwindling pools left as the season progresses.

The buffalo, like an army on the move, aren’t hard for lions to find.  Add to this the fact that they need to drink twice a day and you’d be forgiven for thinking that life is easy for the cats.  But this would be to underestimate the resilience and downright bloody-mindedness of the cape buffalo.

If you’re prepared to be a little patient, then for sheer action this part of the world is mighty hard to beat.

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