The Serengeti Wildebeest Migration - River Crossings

Date: 26 Jul 2011

The scale of some wildlife spectacles makes them difficult to adequately describe.  Witnessing tens of thousands of wildebeest in the northern Serengeti plunge off steep cliffs into the torrent of the Mara River to brave fearsome crocodiles and swim the 80 or so yards to the other bank, is one such event.

Seeing a crossing takes patience and luck, but our guides know which areas to visit and when.  And amazingly this isn’t a one-off event.  Between late July and early November, the herds - which in total number more than one and a half million animals – divide into smaller groups and make numerous crossings, defying Mara River crocs (and any notion of logic) in response to local showers. 

What’s amazing is that the vast majority of animals make it across unscathed, but their troubles rarely end there; lion frequently wait in ambush to greet the swimmers.  If you’re after an action packed safari, this is it.

River crossings take place between late July and October in the Northern Serengeti - to witness one takes a luck and a bit of patience, but it's something you'll never forget.

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