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Camping safaris - private safari and guide, simple comfortable camp

1/4 Approaching game on foot in the Serengeti
© Wayo Africa Approaching game on foot in the Serengeti
2/4 What to drink... The toughest decision of the day.
© Wayo Africa What to drink... The toughest decision of the day.
3/4 not much in the way of frill, but surprisingly comfortable (real beds and sheets inside)
© Wayo Africa not much in the way of frill, but surprisingly comfortable (real beds and sheets inside)
4/4 Sleeping out under the stars...
Sleeping out under the stars...

Civilized camping safaris are proof that less can be more. Great guiding, a private vehicle and a simple comfortable camp far from the crowds.

Camping safaris of this type are the purest form of safari and one of our favourite safari experiences - a great guide, a private vehicle, access to the best wildlife areas and a wonderfully comfortable camp all to yourselves.

Like camping...only less so

This style of camping is a clear endorsement of the notion that the simplest solutions can be often the best.  Spacious, but lightweight safari tents allow for comfort, mobility and minimal impact (no noisy generators or other guests), proper mattresses with sheets and duvets ensure a good night’s sleep.

And great food means you’ll go home after your safari fatter than when you arrived (sorry, but there’s no point in lying).  In short, don't confuse this way of camping with the sort of camping that involves hard work, tears and arguments about who does the washing up. 

If you're unsure whether you'd prefer a more luxrious camping safari then you can read more about tented camps in the Serengeti.

None of the hard work

Light camping safaris like this are orchestrated by a dedicated small crew who look after your every need.  The size of the crew depends on how many you are, but in any case you dont need to get involved with any of the chores. Expect great food, hot safari showers and more.

Safaris beyond the obvious

As well as accessing the headline acts like the seeing the wildebeest cross the Mara River, camping safaris can be used to access some of the best, and often underused, parts of northern Tanzania that most people overlook from remote areas of the Maasai Steppe to the eastern edges of the Serengeti to name just a couple.

We can also design camping itineraries to take in wilderness areas where you can walk.  Ensuring you can get out of the vehilce is one of the objectives of using a camp like this. Combining with the odd small safari lodge makes for an outstanding expedition through the best of Northern Tanzania. 

Comfort not luxury

This type of camp is ideal if you're the sort of person who subscribes to the comfort not luxury approach, although we would argue that the luxury in this case is in the experience. 

Very simply what you get here is the chance to be away from large crowds of other people at a price that would normally only allow for a lodge based safari with its attendant traffic and queues for the buffet - or a public camp site surrounded by hordes of others.  As you can probably tell, we think this is a pretty good way to do things.

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