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A Riding safari in Morocco’s High Atlas Mts


Climbing on a horse for a riding safari through Morocco's High Atlas is a culturally rich & uninhibited way to experience this part of the world.

Ride through swaying corn fields and olive trees; past donkeys with baskets heavily loaded for market; women washing their clothes in the stream; goats; children herding their sheep; a man walking through the village with his beautifully clothed wives, past Berber villages and mosques.    Smell the heat, feel the wind on your skin cooling the hot sun.  Feel part of the scenery and become part of the everyday pace and flow of life as you pass through this fascinating country.   At the end of a day’s riding, fall into your white Bedouin style tents strewn with cushions and carpets, proper beds and linen and ensuite bathrooms.  Eat out under the stars with deliciously fresh moroccon food prepared by the chef and enjoy some of the local music and mint tea, knowing that tomorrow you have more adventures, more friendly people and can form an even closer bond with your horse.  Horses are Arab, Anglo Arab, thoroughbred and Sidi-Berni.  Each horse is matched to the rider before leaving for safari.

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