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Lamu Island, Kenya

1/5 The endless empty beaches of Lamu
© Kizingo The endless empty beaches of Lamu

Simple, no frills beach spot, popular with dolphins

Guide Price: From: $195 To: $250

Most people visiting Lamu tend to stay within Lamu town or Shela village, but there is certainly something to be said for the location of this small property owned by Mary Jo and Louis Van Aardt. On the end of an empty 12km beach, and promoted as the ultimate 'no news, no shoes' destination, Kizingo is a cracking little place - great value and simplicity incarnate.

There is a little of the personal eclectic touch in the furniture and the atmosphere is very much that of being in the home of a good friend; relaxed, hospitable and informal to the last. The eight palm bandas are widely spread out, each with their own bit of beachfront. Don't expect too much in the way of frills but enjoy the "Robinson Crusoe on an upgrade" feel along with great food and ice cold beers in the fridge. For those desperate for action, it is possible to visit Lamu, go snorkelling on the reefs, swim with the dolphins or go for a bike ride inland. 

A handful of private 'houses' have recently been built in the dunes farther behind, as the beach escape of a few clever upcountry Kenyans and their mates. Although looked after by the van Aardts and also available for rent, this may be a step too far for some and we'd recommend sticking with the lodge and being content with these 'houses' occasionally disgorging a buccaneer or two for dinner or a session around the bar. 

This is a great island retreat and one of the few places where you can genuinely experience unspoilt beaches all to yourself.  And don't be put off by the low price. In an era where quality is increasingly judged by how much you've paid your interior decorator, Kizingo is bucking that trend in a wonderfully refreshing way. Outstanding and it deserves to be supported.

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8 bandas overlooking the beach

Guide Price:

From: 195 To: 250


Simple, no frills beach spot, popular with dolphins

Inclusions / Exclusions:

Incl. FB accom. Airport boat transfers. Excl. Drinks, activities.

Solar in rooms, 220v available to charge cameras.
Available at an additional cost.
8 doubles
En-suite with flush toilets, showers and hot & cold running water.
May, June.

About Lamu Island and Kenya

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Lamu Island

Lamu is an island with a main town characterised by narrow streets and Swahili architecture; tall houses of white-washed coral block built around a shaded central courtyard and often with a flat roof from which one can enjoy the sea-breeze. Read more?



Kenya is the most established safari country, and consequently you have to step a little off the conventional route to find real wilderness, but it’s certainly there.  Kenya also has much going for it as a family destination, and also a good number of very individual safari camps and lodges with a personal approach that makes your experience very special.  Kenya also has a particularly diverse ecology which ranges from snowy mountains to true desert, rolling grassy plains filled with wildlife to craggy scrub intersected with dry riverbeds, sparkling beaches and volcanic ranges. Read more?

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