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Nairobi - Suburbs


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Surrounding Nairobi City itself is a varied landscape

Surrounding Nairobi City itself is a varied landscape. To the west, the landscape is arid with wide grassy plains and acacia scrub. To the south, the Ngong Hills mark the boundary to the Great Rift Valley, providing a dramatic vantage point and some interesting scenery. To the north and west, the land slopes steadily up to an altitude of 7,000ft where cypress forests and bright green tea farms roll over gentle hills. For those that don't want to stay in town, there are a couple of pleasant places with interesting things to see which you can combine with the attractions of Nairobi itself.

A few of our favourite places to stay:

Ngong House

Confidence is important in good hotels and the best inspire


Macushla House

Because Macushla was originally built as two separate houses for


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