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Marrakech Medina



Like many other cities, Marrakech grew up around a fortified settlement around the 11th Century

Like many other cities, Marrakech grew up around a fortified settlement around the 11th Century. Within the dusky pink walls of the old city lies the Medina while modern Marrakech flourishes outside the ancient centre, with a profusion of greenery to challenge the advance of aridity.  All of the large international hotels are found outside the Medina. Excellent as many are, the heartbeat of Marrakech is most vitally felt when staying at a riad inside the Medina. There is a greater density of chic boutique lodgings than possibly anywhere else in the world. With over 800 riads, choosing the right one is paramount. We have carefully selected the ones we know and love but can also advise you on a great deal more than we actually feature.

The Djemma el Fna, the clearing in the centre of the Medina is a short walk from nearly all the riads we recommend. This unique space is a gathering ground for merchants, touts, beggars, water sellers, acrobats, snake-charmers, medicine men and performers of every sort – a show that starts each evening as the sun sets. The 12th century Koutoubia minaret shadows the square and the vast souks radiate north. The Medina walls are most impressive on the eastern side, the Bab Doukkala near to which many of our favourite riads are found is one of the most spectacular gates.
The Medina pulses with life all day and late into the night. If you are looking for serenity and calm with the occasional dip into the medina, then the oasis of the Palmeraie is an excellent alternative.

A few of our favourite places to stay:

Riad Kniza

Riad Kniza is one of the most easily accessible riads in the


Riad Djemanna

From the minute one arrives at this charming Riad, the


Demeures d’Orient

Ideally situated in the heart of the old medina and accessible by


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