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Luxury Desert Camp

Southern Morocco and the Desert, Morocco

1/5 Camping in high style in the Moroccan Desert
© Natural High Camping in high style in the Moroccan Desert

Guide Price: From: $A five day itinerary including this camp starts at around £200 per person per day, including accomodation and private vehicle

With it’s lavishly decorated Caidale tents, the Luxury Desert Camp, used to access wild parts of Southern Morocco, is probably one of the more beautiful mobile camps you’re likely to find anywhere, however it still retains a refreshing simplicity with a design aimed squarely at supporting exciting mobile safaris.  The camp is set up privately for you and can be used to great effect to explore off the beaten track in the Atlas, Anti Atlas, the desert regions close to the Algerian border and along the Atlantic coast.  Compared to the simpler Desert Light Mobile the camp is altogether more substantial, with proper beds, sheets and duvets and large Caidale sleeping tents with coloured linings and space to walk around (and swing a good sized cat) in side.

The trade off that comes with this scale is, unsurprisingly, portability. While the camp is still a mobile one, the equipment is too bulky to be carried by mule or camel, so this camp isn’t one that can be used anywhere that can’t be accessed by 4x4.  However this still leaves extensive stretches of tantalizingly beautiful wilderness and wont impinge on the plans of any but the most intrepid.  The camp is staffed by a small team of Berbers who are hospitable and immensely proficient at running the camp.  As it turns out they’re also very good at football, despite the apparent handicap of the djellaba which surely can’t have been designed with ball sports in mind.  Food is of a good standard, but simple and typical for this part of Morocco; harira soup, Tagines, flat bread and fruit from Agadir on the coast.


Luxury Caidale Tents with separate bathrooms.

Guide Price:

From: A five day itinerary including this camp starts at around £200 per person per day, including accomodation and private vehicle


Inclusions / Exclusions:

Includes breakfast and dinner, house wine, bottled water and soft drinks

Age Restrictions:
Solar powered lamps, 12V battery charging from vehicles
Not included
Private camp
Separate bathroom tents with hot shower and chemical loo
Open all year

About Southern Morocco and the Desert and Morocco

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3/5 Crossing a dry lake beds in Southern Morocco
Crossing a dry lake beds in Southern Morocco

Southern Morocco and the Desert

The desert areas of Southern Morocco offer some of the most sensational and untouched wilderness in all of Africa.  Leave Marrakech, head south and wind your way through the towering Atlas Mountains to Ouarzazate, (originally a small trading post in medieval times, but now the centre of a thriving film business) and you find yourself on the edge of a vast expanse of wild territory that stretches uninterrupted for many hundreds of miles. Read more?



Morocco is a country of immense and diverse physical beauty, with some of the most inspiring areas of pristine wilderness in Africa. It's also superb value and just a few short hours flight from the UK.  From the snow-capped peaks of the High Atlas to its wave-strafed Atlantic coastline and on south to the billowing, seemingly endless sand dunes that run away into the Sahara Desert. Read more?

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