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Lugenda Wilderness Camp

Niassa Reserve, Mozambique


A comfortable camp in a wild place

Lugenda has the advantage of being one of the only places to stay if you have set your heart on exploring this wild part of northern Mozambique.  On the banks of wide Lugenda River which winds its way through the southerly part of the Park, Lugenda is attractive without being too fussy.  It's not a rustic bushcamp - the accommodation is rather more eight tented rooms raised slightly on wooden platforms.  While this is a wild area, the owners of the camp have seen no need for you to rough it; you won't go without your creature comforts.

Niassa is among the "last true wildernesses" left in Africa and as such, the infrastructure is limited and the wildlife unhabituated.  There is plenty of game here but it is not available to order so you should come here expecting to enjoy being in the wilderness and just seeing what you see.  While here, you'll explore on foot and in game drive vehicles with knowledgeable guides to entertain you.

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8 en-suite tented rooms raised on wooden platforms


A comfortable camp in a wild place

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About Niassa Reserve and Mozambique

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Niassa Reserve

Niassa is a place that old Africa hands get thoroughly excited about. As once favourite places become more accessible and predictably busier, the emergence of "new" wilderness to explore is enough to make you want to haul out your old tent and get out there. At the moment, Niassa is just that...a place where you go on an expedition. It is remote and huge (at over 40,000km2) with a limited road network and few accommodation options. If you are up for an expedition though, then this is precisely where you should head. You may well see elephant, buffalo, zebra, hartebeest and eland, while lion, wild dog and leopard are found here too but can be fairly elusive so don't expect them around every corner.  There are a number of villages too, dotted about the reserve, so while you are unlikely to be bumping into other tourists, you may well encounter some of the local people who call this vast wilderness home. The scenery is dramatic with wide river beds, rocky outcrops and dense bush. There are still villagers living in areas of the park and their habit of burning the bush does leave some areas looking rather sad, and this may also affect your chances of seeing wildlife. Read more?

2/4 Impossible blues, from horizon to horizon. Dhows are still the traditional fishing vessels.
Impossible blues, from horizon to horizon.  Dhows are still the traditional fishing vessels.
4/4 Lake Niassa (or Lake Malawi) is a vast freshwater lake full of tropical fish, and dotted with isolated white beaches
Lake Niassa (or Lake Malawi) is a vast freshwater lake full of tropical fish, and dotted with isolated white beaches


Mozambique offers some of the best beach holidays for those that have a love for private island getaways, turquoise seas and pure white sand.  The marine life is colourful, plentiful and varied so this is one of the best places you could be if you enjoy diving or want to learn.  The wildlife areas are pretty wild but gradually opening up so for safaris in Mozambique there is increasingly good reason to explore these beautiful parts of the country (especially since they are still well off the beaten track).  Go straight to our selection of Mozambique experiences. Read more?

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