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Serra Cafema

The Kunene Region, Namibia


A beautiful camp, delightfully far from civilisation - a real privilege

How often do you wish you could escape from civilisation, go out of mobile range and bury your head in the sand? Well, as luck would have it, this is possibly one of the best places to do just that (although there is plenty of sand, burying your head is inadvisable). Flung up in the far northern reaches of Namibia, where the country borders Angola, Serra Cafema sits on the Kunene River – the only permanent water in an otherwise parched desert.

Serra Cafema is perched right on the river, under precious shady trees, clutching onto the lush greenery that is otherwise so scarce in Namibia. Behind it stretches the lunar landscape of Kaokoland; pale sandy valleys and towering inselbergs where only a few tough species survive. This is definitely not a typical safari destination which is what makes it so unique. Come here for the fact that it lies at the edge of the earth, for panoramic views and other-worldly creatures that will astonish you with their evolved inventiveness. It is also one of the best places to encounter the Himba folk in an uncontrived way, and witness this testament to simple living in its most elemental form.  The incongruity of the riverine flora and that of the rugged desert is also quite fascinating.

The camp itself is beautiful, simple and elegant. Open decks make the most of the ultimate luxury – space, while vast beds, copper basins and muted fabrics give the place an edge of indulgence. There are only eight canvas, thatch and wood chalets and the really cool thing is that you really are only one of sixteen visitors within miles and miles

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8 luxury open-fronted canvas and thatch chalets


A beautiful camp, delightfully far from civilisation - a real privilege

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About The Kunene Region and Namibia

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The Kunene Region

The Kunene region encompasses the far northwest of Namibia - certainly one of the least accessible and seldom visited areas of Namibia.  The Kunene River runs through rugged and otherwise dry mountain landscape at the border between northern Namibia and Angola.  South of the river lies a vast landscape of craggy ridges, sweeping valleys of pale grass and very little else.  Formerly known as Kaokoland, the population here amounts to about one person every 2km2 which even by Namibian standards is pretty sparse. Read more?

2/5 Some of the highest dunes in the world
Some of the highest dunes in the world
3/5 The craggy mountains of the Naukluft against the red dunes of the Namib - surreal colours, no matter what time of day
The craggy mountains of the Naukluft against the red dunes of the Namib - surreal colours, no matter what time of day


If you are considering travelling to Namibia, chances are you are looking for something out of the ordinary.  A journey through Namibia is all about daily surprises; the impossible number of stars, the expanse of views over desert mountains, the improbable salmon-pink of sand-dunes at sunrise, the ingenuity of small creatures adapted to the harsh environment, the ochre and leather dress of the Himba and petticoated dresses of the Herero, the first taste of ostrich biltong and the excellent seafood. Some recommended experiences in Namibia Family safari through Namib desert An ideal safari holiday for the family, exploring the deserts of Namibia. A safe environment, comfortable accommodation, flexibility plus loads to do. See more and book Flying safari on the Skeleton Coast A special flying safari in a light aircraft, with an expert guide and pilot along Namibia's wild Skeleton Coast. Remote camps, unbelievable scenery. Find out more Mobile safaris in remote NW Namibia A mobile safari and wild camping is one of the few, & best, ways to properly experience the surreal landscape of the Kunene in the remote northwest Nambia. Find out more Camping safari in Sandwich Bay Visit Sandwich Bay, disappear into the remote Namib desert to discover desert-adapted species, gemstones beneath your feet and to sleep beneath the stars . Find out more Read more?

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