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Do I want a private vehicle and guide on safari?

Asking yourself if you want a private vehicle and guide is something you should take the time to do. ...

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Flexibility - the real luxury

In our experience, flexibility is something that is least valued before people go on safari, and most valued when they'...

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On safari in Africa with your family

Visiting Africa as a family and going on safari with children is something that we have plenty of experience of,...

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Chengdebji, once a night halt for mule caravans travelling to Trongsa

A typical day on a Bhutan trek

Days on trekking holidays have a reassuring rhythm. A typical day on a Bhutan trek starts with the trek crew...

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Passing through a village in the Annapurna

A typical day on trek in Nepal

A typical day on trekking holidays starts early in the morning to avoid too much activity in the midday...

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What’s the best way to get around India?

India is a vast country and we generally recommend focussing your trip on one area. Most of the time we...

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Paddling in the stream on a gentle family walk from Glenburn Tea Estate

Visiting India with your family

We think India is a great destination for a family holiday.  Indians adore children and they are usually the...

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Exploring the rivers and forests of the Mathews Range

Where to go on safari in Kenya with your family

Of all the African countries, Kenya is amongst the best for a family safari holiday.   Many of the...

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Can children go on a riding safari?

Children can definitely go on a riding safari, but you want to make sure you choose the right one. Much...

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Caught by the Paparazzi...before breakfast.  Camping in the Gol Mountains

How old do children need to be for a safari?

We often get asked how old children should be before they can be taken on safari.  There are two...

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Is Botswana a family destination?

Botswana as a safari destination, is a great place to consider for your family.  For young people, a safari...

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There are few better ways to exhaust your children than encouraging them to climb to the top of one of Morocco's towering sand dunes

Is Morocco a good family destination?

Morocco is somewhere we have travelled fairly extensively with children and can highly recommend as an unusual and highly rewarding...

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Louis discovers the "Little Five"

Tanzania with your family

Travelling to Tanzania with your family is an outstanding way to spend quality time with your children, immersed in nature...

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Camps, lodges and safari houses in South Luangwa

If you're looking for safari camps, lodges or safari houses in Zambia's South Luangwa Valley, then here are...

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