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Who We Are

Amazingly each of us have been running or planning wilderness travel for more than 20 years, so we know that these sorts of journeys are worth doing properly. We also know that when they are, they can amount to more than a great holiday; they can be life-changing. Here's the bit where you can see what we all look like...

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Best time to visit Tanzania? Where to go on holiday with your family? What's a walking safari like? This is where you'll find answers to your questions and articles about stuff we think you'll find useful in planning a holiday that ticks all the boxes.

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Our Blog

We've been writing our blog for years now, so it's something of a magic porridge pot with trip reports from our travels, snippets of news on conservation issues, films, some great pictures, thoughts...and anything we couldn't find a home for elsewhere.

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What's Happening In The World Of Natural High

1/4 A quiet morning fishing in Stiegler's Gorge
A quiet morning fishing in Stiegler's Gorge

When’s the best time to visit Selous, Tanzania?

The best time to visit the Selous (for ease of game viewing) is during the dry season, between late June and October.  As with other parks that flourish in the dry, this is a simple equation between the increasing shortage of water as the dry season progresses and the requirement for animals to congregate around remaining rivers and lakes as a result of this....

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Best places for walking safaris in Zambia

Possibly the best place for walking safaris in Zambia is the Luangwa Valley, where walking safaris were pioneered by Norman Carr back in the 1960s.  It has a reputation as one of the best and most accessible walking areas in Zambia.  Most of the camps and lodges in the South Luangwa National Park are geared for walking to varying degrees, from daily bush-walks...

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3/4 Walking in the bush is a rare freedom, and an addictive feeling
Walking in the bush is a rare freedom, and an addictive feeling

How fit do you need to be on a walking safari in Kenya

While many people ask how fit you need to be to do a walking safari in Kenya, in most cases fitness really isn't an issue.  Generally, where animals are concerned, walking safaris tend to be more productive the slower you travel.  This is because the slower you travel, the less noise you're likely to make...and the more you'll be...

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4/4 Houseboats drifting along the Backwaters of Kerala
Houseboats drifting along the Backwaters of Kerala

Highlights of Kerala itinerary

Each of our journeys in India is tailor-made to suit your own interests, preferred style of accommodation, pace of travel and budget. Using a private car and driver, the following is a suggestion of how you could include time in Kerala’s Backwaters in a tour of south India. Fly to Cochin. Join fishermen working the Chinese fishing nets, explore the narrow streets of...

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