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Who We Are

Amazingly each of us have been running or planning wilderness travel for more than 20 years, so we know that these sorts of journeys are worth doing properly. We also know that when they are, they can amount to more than a great holiday; they can be life-changing. Here's the bit where you can see what we all look like...

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Best time to visit Tanzania? Where to go on holiday with your family? What's a walking safari like? This is where you'll find answers to your questions and articles about stuff we think you'll find useful in planning a holiday that ticks all the boxes.

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We've been writing our blog for years now, so it's something of a magic porridge pot with trip reports from our travels, snippets of news on conservation issues, films, some great pictures, thoughts...and anything we couldn't find a home for elsewhere.

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What's Happening In The World Of Natural High

1/4 Trekking the Druk Path you'll be following an ancient trade route between Paro and Thimphu
Trekking the Druk Path you'll be following an ancient trade route between Paro and Thimphu

When is the best time to trek in Bhutan

The most popular time for trekking in Bhutan is during the autumn, from late September to November when the climate is at its best. The skies are usually clear, offering fabulous unobstructed  views of the mountain peaks. It is generally dry but there is always the chance of a rain shower (as there is at any time of year). Nights are very cold but...

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What is there to see in the Kalahari?

The Kalahari is vast and largely devoid of permanent water, giving rise to its original name of Kgaligadi or thirstland. Occupying most of Botswana, part of Namibia and some of South Africa, this isn’t a conventional desert as you'd probably imagine it. Salt pans, mopane woodland, savannah grassland, acacia scrub and old river beds feature to a greater or lesser extent throughout...

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3/4 Grevy zebra in Samburu
Grevy zebra in Samburu

What does a safari cost?

How much does a safari cost?  Unfortunately this is rather like asking what it costs to shop at Waitrose.  The answer of course depends on whether you're planning to live off fillet steak or Pedigree Chum.  The choices - and the quality - on safari can vary considerably.  The more important question revolves around whether you can expect good value. ...

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4/4 This area is all wide open spaces and empty bush to the horizon
This area is all wide open spaces and empty bush to the horizon

When to visit Laikipia

Northern Kenya is a beautiful and thoroughly under-rated area.  Whether after the rains, in June or July when it is lush and bursting with life, or at the end of the dry season in October, it has its only particular brand of beauty.  July – August can be pretty cold, so the woolly boots that are made on Borana Ranch come in handy....

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