When you think about exploring Africa's last truly wild places you may feel, as we do, that you want to bring along as little clutter from your everyday world as possible.

More and more, our lives seem to play out in the digital sphere. We’re cocooned by the conveniences of modern life, but increasingly under siege from them. Sharing, Liking, Tweeting…It can all become overwhelming after a while.

Just imagine how it would feel to leave that all behind for a few very special days.

Entrust someone else to take care of the important stuff – cook good simple food, provide plenty of cold drinks, make warm, comfy beds, light the campfire. And simply relish the sounds, sights and scents of wild Africa with as little as possible in the way.

Slow down, unplug, listen. Just be.

So what does “simple” actually mean?

To us it means no unnecessary frills, but few hardships. Large walk-in tents or rooms, proper beds, a decent bucket shower, great food. All the things you need, but none of the stuff you don’t. But there’s more to it than that – we’d never recommend somewhere just because it’s simple – this needs to be complemented by something special. It’s about great guides, amazing locations away from where most people look and extraordinary game viewing possibilities.

And what am I doing without?

You’ll be more amazed by what you do get than what you don’t: food will be good, but not as elaborate as more luxurious camps. Expect a decent bottle of wine, not a wine list. Toilets are generally longdrops not flush, and you wont be able to use a hair dryer.

What about power?

Even simple camps will have power to charge batteries for cameras etc. This may mean charging from a car battery, or occasionally a generator run when nobody’s in camp.

Can I mix accommodation?

Absolutely. There’s nothing like spending a few days in a simple camp, then dropping in a couple of days of luxury for contrast. Or if you’re feeling really adventurous head off to try something something even more wild and remote.