Just like natural selection, the best traditional safari camps evolve to suit their environments. Everything from the location of the tents to the design of the bathrooms is about adapting to – and making the most of – the remarkable and challenging locations they occupy.

More often than not they must contend with everything from harsh weather conditions to thatch-munching elephants. Running these camps takes skill and ingenuity, but the best succeed in real style.
The experience on offer is hard to beat.

Think spacious safari tents, comfortable beds with sheets and duvets, proper bathrooms with hot showers and flush loos. Expect warm and welcoming crews, hot cups of tea or coffee brought to your tent at dawn and wonderful healthy meals.

Just don’t expect to lose weight during your safari.

Of course, the real thrill of these places is being surrounded by the sights and sounds of wild Africa. Nothing will prepare you for the site of the bull elephant gently feeding three feet from your bed in the light of the moon, or the calls of laughing doves and Turacos in the woodland canopy above your tent.

Tents? Isn’t that a bit basic?

Far from it. You’ll be amazed at how comfortable some of these tented camps can be. Wonderful full-sized beds with proper mattresses, duvets and sheets. There are usually plenty of places to relax as well; a bar, reading room or shady verandas where you can relax during the heat of the day watching the animals and birds come and go.

What are the bathrooms like?

Pretty damned good – expect hot water and fluffy towels as a minimum. These days the majority of permanent tented camps have flush lavatories and proper plumbed-in showers. Everyone understands that a well thought-out, functioning bathroom can make (or break) the experience. Even most seasonal tented camps have large spacious bathrooms with plenty of hot water. If you're considering something like this, we'll be happy to talk you through the up (and down) sides of camps like this.  Get in touch

What about power and internet access?

Nearly everyone on safari wants to take pictures so you can guarantee that you’ll be able to charge batteries and phones in camp. Lighting will be good and often solar powered. And, like it or not, the internet is virtually everywhere, so if you need to keep in touch with work or check the latest football scores, it will more than likely be possible. Just check with the team when you're making plans.

I have complex dietary requirements...

No problem. Food is a major feature of camps like this and most pride themselves on the quality of what they produce from often very basic equipment. Many of our clients are vegetarian, vegan or can't eat certain ingredients and we’ll make sure these things are catered for – even in the most remote environments.