Every once in a while it’s exciting to be taken out of your comfort zone – to really touch the wild for a night or two. And there are still a few places in Africa where we can do this properly, camping in splendid simplicity under the immense African night skies.

As the world gets more crowded and chaotic, it’s a huge privilege to put yourself in the hands of a truly expert guide and see a corner of Africa through their eyes. As you step out, you’ll feel like a modern-day Livingstone, treading ground that may have been unexplored for millennia and have an intensely unique experience of Africa’s wilderness.

Each of these trips is a one-off and the style of camp varies according to where you are and how you got there. Some camps are designed to be carried by mules into remote areas far from any roads. Others are made from reeds or simple mosquito nets. Either way, the approach is the same: travel lightly, leave no trace, explore and quietly discover.

This sounds uncomfortable... is it?

These trips are all about giving you the best possible experience of a wild, remote place, so occasionally that involves a bit of compromise on life’s luxuries. Of course, nobody wants to suffer, so we make sure you’ll always have a comfy place to sleep, tasty simple food and a cold drink. These trips are designed for anyone looking for a memorable, unusual experience in Africa, not seasoned explorers.  

Where do I sleep?

Generally you’ll sleep beneath a simple tent or net on a bedroll or camp bed – and you’ll likely be amazed by how restful and comfy that can be. Most importantly though, your sleeping arrangements will never come as a surprise. We’ll discuss details like this with you as part of the planning process. If it sounds a bit more basic than you’d like, we’ll find something simple but really comfortable to suit.

How long will this kind of camp last?

We run some safaris that use this accommodation for several days on end. But in most cases a night or two of this kind of experience goes a long way. And, as always, we recommend you ring the changes – camp out in the wild for a night, then retreat to a more traditional safari camp for some home comforts.