High Atlas Mountains camps - Desert Light Mobile Camp

Desert Light Mobile Camp

The Desert Light Mobile Camp is a private tented camp that we use to explore the wilder parts of Morocco from the Atlas Mountains to the deserts of the South.  With its white A-frame safari tents, the camp is stylish and beautiful, but it's also simple as befits so rarefied an environment and is designed with function in mind. 

The sorts of journeys we put together can involve moves of considerable distances in a day, so the equipment needs to be portable - whether by mule or camel if you’re trekking, or, if travelling long distances, in the camp’s back up vehicle. As long as you’re not expecting the lavish (some would say over the top) material luxury to be found in some tented camps in East Africa, then this camp, set up just for you, is the real deal and highly rewarding.  At the end of each day as you drive - or better still walk - in to camp, you’ll find that the 3 or 4 man Berber crew have every thing in hand. Tents set up, lanterns and fire lit, water for washing hot and food ready to go.

Food is strictly Moroccan and better for it.  The theme tends to be one centred on the famous harira soup followed by a Tagine and backed up with the traditional Moroccan flat bread and fruit from the coast, but the variations on that theme are extensive.  In our experience it rarely disappoints.  There’s a stunning patterned Caidale tent for dining, although we often prefer to eat under the stars provided that it’s warm enough.  Beds are comfortable mattresses laid on the ground, with sleeping bags (a great deal warmer than sheets or duvets in those chill desert nights).  There’s a bathroom tent with chemical loo and hot water is provided in a wash stand and bucket. 

This is undoubtedly one of our favourite experiences, bar none.  To us the simplicity of the equipment – mattresses on the ground instead of proper beds, washstands instead of full showers - far from detracts from the comfort or quality of the experience, but serves to underline how far removed this is from every day life.  Make no mistake, to disappear for a few days into the wild supported by this camp is an immensely privileged thing to do. 

Sound a bit too basic?  Take a look at the Desert Luxury Camp.

Includes breakfast and dinner, "house" wine, water and soft drinks.

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