Lake Natron camps - Lake Natron Wilderness Mobile

Lake Natron Wilderness Mobile

This little camp, private, simple in design and unassuming quite simply offers one of the richest safari experiences available.  There are few props here; no spas, TVs or archery on offer, and the camp relies on those illusive, but definitive ingredients; superb service and guiding, total privacy and most importantly front row seats at a private wilderness experience startlingly at odds with anything you'll experience in the course of your daily life.

The Wilderness Mobile is probably the best way to access what still remains one of the most remote wilderness areas in Tanzania. It's without a doubt the most unrestrictive way to experience the beauty of this part of the country. {Lake Natron} is the most northerly Rift Valley Lake in Tanzania and probably one of the least visited.

Using a mobile camp, it's possible to explore this area in combination with Serengeti National Park, Loliondo and the Ngorongoro Crater and Highlands. The mobile camp allows for game driving along the shore of Lake Natron itself and around the slopes of Ol Donyo Lengai, as well as walking safaris or a combination of both. You should be aware though, that while there can be good game at time, Lake Natron is principally about awe-inspiring scenery as opposed to animal viewing.

These mobile camps give you real flexibility, allowing you to move every couple of days and if you do want to visit the remoter parts of Northern Tanzania like Lake Natron, this is by far the best option. Take a week or so and spend a few days in each location, moving at your own pace. The camp is lightweight enough to be mobile, but still very comfortable. The tents are large walk-in ones, the beds are camp beds and the loos are outside instead of being en-suite.

Like many of the really good camps, these aren't for every body. If the compromises that allow for mobility are off-putting to you (short-drop loo, camp beds) then this possibly isn't for you. However, it's just worth saying that these camps are a million miles from camping as most people would think of it and amount to more than the sum of their parts.

The luxury is in the freedom they give you to get well off the beaten track, the great food and drink and the superb way in which you are looked after by the crew.

price includes accommodation, food, drinks, laundry, activities and transfers.

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