Manyara Ranch camps - Manyara Ranch Tented Camp

Manyara Ranch Tented Camp

Manyara Ranch Tented Camp is a breath of fresh air and somewhere we'd happily while away many days quietly exploring the secluded area of private land that lies between Lake Manyara National Park and Tarangire National Park.  Manyara Ranch itself is the basis for a fascinating conservation project that seeks to preserve a vital wildlife corridor running between Tarangire and Manyara at the same time as exploring community conservation initiatives with local tribes. 

As a guest, you'll want to devote a minimun of a couple of nights to this area, to explore quietly on foot, as well as by vehicle and even on horseback.  You can easily use it as a springboard for visiting Tarangire, but make sure you give yourself time to get to know the ranch itself in the company of the local guides and you'll find that there is plenty to keep you busy here for 3 nights or more.  Like many of the more interesting places, if you're prepared to take things slowly; even sit quietly and watch, the rewards are fabulous. 

In design terms, amongst the plethora of "designer" camps and lodges springing up left right and centre, there's a lovely simplicity to this little tented camp.  Perhaps we're just getting long in the tooth, but haleluja! it feels great to find yourself in a good honest tented camp, run by someone who is visibly more excited by the antics of the extraordinary wildlife that populate this area than the decor (which incidentally is pretty good too).

There are only six guest tents in the camp, so even when it's full the place hardly feels busy - there are plans to open a lodge on Manyara Ranch, but for the moment you'll find few people cluttering up the 44,000 acre ranch.

While staying at Manyara Ranch you can visit Tarangire or Manyara, but to see it purely as a dormitory for these better known parks would be to miss the point.  Variety, flexibilty and a sense of sponteneity are all part of the mix at this little camp because the land on which it operates is outside the jurisdiction of parks, with the result that there is great freedom to do a host of fun things.  You can head off and explore the ranch by vehicle - and that's worth doing as an orientation - but really this place comes to life when you dig a bit deeper.   While you're here you can do some superb riding, spend time watching game from the secrecy of a hide, spend a night flycamping and sleeping under the stars, take night game drives, guided walking safaris or take a peek at the workings of the ranch itself.  You'll also want to allow plenty of time to do nothing and enoy the confort of the camp itself.

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