Ruaha National Park camps - Mwagusi Safari Camp

Mwagusi Safari Camp

Mwagusi Safari Camp was the first tented safari camp in Ruaha National Park. Built and managed by owner Chris Fox along with a variety of helpers it is one of the few owner run camps left.

On the whole Mwagusi is just how a bush safari camp should be. It's comfortable in all the right places, but not over the top, and generally has good food and service. However, while you're looked after superbly by the crew, many of whom have been with Chris for 15 years or so, this isn't somewhere you should come if you are after abject luxury. Mwagusi has a great deal of charm and like all the best safari camps has a natural and spontaneous feel, usually stopping just short of unpredictability.

Of course the spontaneity (for which read Chris) is partly what makes the place exciting, but if you'd rather not be surprised when lunch is 3 hours late because your game drive suddenly got exciting, then there may be other places that would suit you better. Personally we'd recommend Mwagusi wholeheartedly, but forewarned is forearmed.

Chris started Mwagusi in the early 90s when Ruaha was a virtually unknown safari destination, and the game was shy. It was a bold move at a time when few people had heard of the park, and those who had believed (mistakenly) that there were few animals and numerous Tsetse flies. These days Ruaha's secret is out and Mwagusi is the most popular safari destination in Ruaha. It's also one of the best places to experience a real East African safari. What's more the animals in the vicinity of Mwagusi have become accustomed to the camp to the point where now just sitting in your tent you can watch animals - from elephant to even leopard - in the sand river below you. The camp is comfortable, with huge walk in safari tents under thatched structures, with a covered verandah and enormous en-suite bathrooms with flusing loo and plenty of hot water. 

Above all, this is a superb place from which to access the best game in Ruaha and a place with a great atmosphere. The whole focus of Mwagusi is, and always has been getting you to where the best game is. The camp is located in easy reach of the best game viewing areas of the park - the Mwagusi River, the Ruaha River and flood plains and the escarpment, above which miombo species such as sable are found.

Game drives are the mainstay at Mwagusi - these are done in open sided Landcruisers and are shared, although it is possible to rent a private vehicle and guide if booked in advance.  The ethos when it comes to game viewing at Mwagusi has always been to go the extra mile and the guides here do genuinely have a deep knowledge of the park, many of them having worked here since the early 90s when the camp first arrived.  In Ruaha, while the early mornings are beautiful as elsewhere in Africa, it is often the heat of the day that provides the best game viewing as a great deal of plains game; sable and roan antelope as well as sometines colossal herds of buffalo, converge on the Ruaha River to drink.

price includes accommodation, food, laundry, activities and excludes all drinks and transfers.

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