Serengeti National Park camps - Nomad’s Serengeti Ndutu

Nomad’s Serengeti Ndutu

Nomad's Ndutu Seasonal Camp moves into the Ndutu woodland on the Serengeti Southern Plains between December and March as the wildebeest herds arrive in preparation for giving birth. It's here that they find the phosphorous rich grasses that they thrive on. This is a time of plenty for the animals and action is never far away at this time of year as the wildebeest cows drop their young.  The Ndutu Safari Camp is located in the mature acacia woodland of Ndutu so as to be in prime location for this epic event.

The luxury mobile safari camp caters for only 16 people at a time and moves seasonally around the Serengeti ecosystem shadowing the Serengeti wildebeest migration. The camp not only offers one of the best chances of finding the wildebeest migration away from the crowds, but is also superbly comfortable with first class food. It's also one of the best ways to access to some remote and little visited areas of the Serengeti ecosystem that are well out of reach of the permanent safari lodges.  The small crew of 4 - 6 Tanzanians who run the operation are friendly and efficient and look after your every need down to the smallest detail. In cold months you'll even find a hot water bottle in your bed when you turn in.

While walking is a possibility in some parts of the Serengeti, the emphasis here is predominantly on game drives and witnessing the migration and resident game in the company of one of Nomad's outstanding guides.  While Serengeti Safari camp is shared by a maximum of 16 guests at one time, each group, whether you're a couple or a larger group, have a private vehicle and guide throughout the safari. This means you have full flexibility in planning your safari activities with your guide to suit yourselves. Nomad supply lavish picnics to be taken on all-day game drives, so you can choose to stay out all day some times, and return to camp for a lazy lunch and siesta on others.

price includes accommodation, food, drinks, laundry, activities and transfers.

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