Bangweulu Wetlands camps - Shoebill Island Camp

Shoebill Island Camp

Shoebill Island Camp is a small, twelve bedded camp (under thatch) with panoramic views over the Bangweulu swamps. Bangweulu is a huge area north of Kasanka National Park and is excellent combined with Kasanka.

Bangweulu has three main habitats; open water in the north, vast swamps in the middle and seasonally flooded plains in the south and east. The wetland area is fed by 17 rivers and drained by only one, the Luapula river which feeds into Lake Tanganyika.

The Lukulu, a river feeding the wetlands, has papyrus swamps which is the breeding ground for the huge, almost prehistoric looking Shoebill stork. Bangweulu is one of the few places left in the world to see these bird in the wild. The area also attracts a huge amount of other water birds.

It is also famous for its large herds of black letchwe, indiginous to the area. The flooding in Bengweulu reaches its peak March - May and although it makes game viewing more challenging (you have to go everywhere by boat) it is the best time to visit for the shoebills, which can sometimes be seen from the lodge, and other water birds.

As the waters recede from May to October, you are able to game view by vehicle as well as by boat, banana boat and canoe. The receding water forces the shoebills to migrate to the swamps and at the end of the dry season they may be hard to spot.

As the waters dry up, the game viewing becomes easier with large numbers of letchwe, orabi, tsessebe, civets, genets and mongoose. Shoebill Island Lodge is supported by the Kasanka Trust and for each visitor to the Island, a portion of the money paid is used to assist ZAWA in wildlife management.

price includes food and local drinks, activities and laundry. Excludes imported drinks.

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