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It's fairly indisputable that the best way to see the bush is with someone who was brought up in it, can't contain his excitement whenever he sets foot on the hard-baked earth, and gets a kick out of sharing his passion with others.  In fact, why would you want to visit Africa except in the company of such a person?

Craig van Zyl is an expert guide, having undergone the rigours of the Zimbabwean guide training regime (not a trivial undertaking), and spent the last eight years guiding his own safaris around southern Africa.  He was born and raised in Zimbabwe and knows his chosen areas intimately.  His confident, easy-going personality makes him a natural host and travelling companion.

Mana Pools is where Craig spends much of his safari time, although he also takes private guided safaris throughout the region.  In Mana, the game is rich and the freedom to walk in the park makes for some very special wildlife moments.  Similarly, canoe trips on the Zambezi give a perspective not available in many other places in Africa.

The camp is a simple, seasonal tented camp which moves to different sites every few weeks to maintain the minimal possible impact on the environment.  That doesn't mean that you have to go without your creature comforts and you will find a well-stocked bar, a hot bucket shower, and a comfy bed after the day's explorations.

The days are very much improvised based on what happens to be going down in the local area.  Morning drives head off in the direction in which hyena were heard during the night and you might stop and track wild dog or lion if fresh prints are found on the road.  The subtext of the bush (tracks and signs) are just as important as seeing the animals and with an experienced guide, these things really come to life.  The bonus here is that this is an exclusive experience - your gang with Craig and his team on safari.

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