6 of the best travel reads

We thought we'd provide some recommendations of great books that will inspire future travels and whisk you away to the savannahs of Africa to the deserts of Morocco, all from the comfort of your own home (and no doubt a bit of controversy too - how can we have the temerity to narrow "great travel books" down to just 6??)  

So here goes, in no particular order:

African Silences - Peter Matthiessen

In 1978 & 1986 Peter Matthiessen travelled through Senegal, Gambia, Zaire and the Central African Republic to examine the fate of African wildlife.  High adrenalin flights over the savannah and slow river journeys to track rare and endangered animals, and also to find the biologists who study them - it's a sobering journey but one written by a skilled naturalist writer.

The Green Hills of Africa - Ernest Hemmingway

 In 1933 Hemingway and his wife, Pauline, went on safari in Northern Tanzania.  The Green Hills is his account of the month long trip, a story of big game hunting, the pleasures of travel and the beauty of wilderness that even then was being constantly threatened by man. 

India: The Road Ahead - Mark Tully

Mark Tully, the authority on all things Indian, toured his beloved homeland to see how much had changed in the twenty years since he wrote No Full Stops In India.  In interviews with farmers, captains of industry, bandits, spiritual leaders, untouchables and politicians he captures  the voices of the vast and diverse country.  With sympathetic insights into it's vibrant history and it's extraordinary potential, the book is a must for anyone who is thinking of travelling to India.

Lords of the Atlas - Gavin Maxwell 

Set in the medieval city of Marrakesh and the majestic kasbahs of the High Atlas mountains, `Lords of the Atlas' tells the extraordinary story of the Madani and T'hami el Glaoui, warlord brothers who carved out a feudal fiefdom in southern Morocco in the early twentieth century.

A classic story of history, intrigue, mystery, and action.

City of Djinns - William Dalrymple 

This memoir of the author’s time living in India’s capital, Delhi brings the city’s – and India’s - incredible history and culture to life.

Arctic Dreams - Barry Lopez 

"We have been telling ourselves the story of what we represent in the land for 40,000 years. At the heart of this story, I think, is a simple, abiding belief: it is possible to live wisely on the land, and to live well. And in behaving respectfully toward all that the land contains, it is possible to imagine a stifling ignorance falling away from us." 

Written in prose as memorably pure as the land it describes, Arctic Dreams is a timeless mediation on the ability of the landscape to shape our dreams and to haunt our imaginations.

So there you have it, our selection and there will be so many more out there. We would love to hear your recommendations to inspire our future travels. Head over to our Facebook page and give us your favourites. 

Posted by: Alex

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