A typical day on a Bhutan trek

Days on trekking holidays have a reassuring rhythm. A typical day on a Bhutan trek starts with the trek crew making tea in the early morning. You’re woken up with ‘bed tea’ and a bowl of warm water for a sponge bath by 7am. After a quick wash and packing your belongings breakfast is served in the dining tent or outdoors. Often the crew are breaking camp, loading the animals and even sending off the pack train as you finish eating.

While on a Bhutan trek with us you walk at your own pace with your private guide and can stop to take pictures or admire the views. All you carry is your personal backpack with water, camera and anything else you might need while trekking. All your other belongings and camping gear is carried on the backs of ponies, or yaks at high altitudes.

The morning's walk is the longer half of the day. It may be gentle downhill or vigorous uphill, and often a series of ups and downs. Around noon, a hot lunch or packed picnic is eaten over a comfortably long break, there's time for a power nap and perhaps to write a page of your diary or catch up on some reading.

When you reach camp in the early evening your sleeping tent, loo and dining tents will already be pitched and dinner will be cooking. Warmth and light are provided by gas lanterns and there’s an endless supply of tea and coffee. A nip of alcohol helps to fend off the chill of the night air. It’s early to bed in your dome tent and your crew retire soon after to sleep in nearby tents.

If you're considering trekking in Bhutan you might like to consider the centuries old Druk Path. Or for more ideas please contact us to help you plan and book your tailor-made trip to Bhutan.

Posted by: Andrea Hulme

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