Bushcamping in Zambia’s Luangwa Valley

Bushcamp (noun), a quintessentially Zambian safari-genre, a seasonally constructed grass-and-pole camp deep in game-rich wilderness

A bushcamp in the Luangwa Valley is where you head if you like to wake up with the drumming call of ground hornbills, shower under the open sky with the river breeze fresh on your skin, and sit with your palms cupped round a mug of fresh coffee as the smoke from the camp-fire at your feet drifts slowly upwards.

With a capacity of six to eight guests Bushcamps are typically smaller than a camps (a dozen beds) or lodges (bigger still) and tend to focus on being remote, often away from the main game-viewing areas and hence sometimes set-back from the Luangwa River itself, where quality walking safaris can be offered.

If you would enjoy a three hour walk along tracks used by elephant and leopard during the night, before returning for a well-deserved brunch cooked in an earth oven, then Zambia’s bushcamps are surely the place for you. Find out when, where and why to go on a walking safari in Zambia or drop us an email if you'd like find out more

The North and South Luangwa offer an authentic, sometimes fairly raw, but always comfortable bush experience. The idea is to surround yourself with nature and so camps are simple affairs and activities often revolve around getting out on your own two feet. 

But by simple, we still mean you can enjoy a hot shower, a proper bed with crisp sheets, and delicious food....this is not slumming-it. Take a look at our top 5 safari camps for walking safaris in Zambia

Rod Tether has been living and guiding walking safaris in Zambia for more than 20 years - if you'd like to discuss your plans for a walking safari with him, please drop him an email and he'd be delighted to help you. 

Posted by: Amanda Mitchell

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