Camel safari: Camel trekking in Kenya’s wild northern frontier

The Samburu tribe’s people have long experience of this part of Northern Kenya.  Moving seasonally with their herds of cattle, they know well the terrain and the wildlife that also calls this place home.  When they are only 5 or 6 years old, young Samburu boys are sent to watch the goats as they browse in the craggy bush.  This time is well-spent discovering where barbets make their nests, how to recognise the tracks of a leopard, and to listen for the call of the honey-guide.

Walking with the ochred, young warani (warriors) and their camels is possibly the best way to really feel part of the bush, and see some of the small things otherwise missed in a vehicle.  Big game might be a bit more elusive, but the leisurely pace and the sight, smell and feel of nature all around you, is unique.  A simple but comfortable tented camp, a hot shower and tasty meal awaits you at the end of the day.  You can tumble into your warm bed with a glow of exhilaration and your senses buzzing.

Posted by: Alex

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