Camps, lodges and safari houses in South Luangwa

If you're looking for safari camps, lodges or safari houses in Zambia's South Luangwa Valley, then here are some simple explanations to help you understand what's on offer and get started.

Zambia has almost patented the "bushcamp" and this style of accommodation is very well suited to the surroundings and pace in this part of the country.  The main focus in the bushcamps is walking though there will be some that offer game drives too. Bushcamps are small, sometimes with as few as 3 or 4 rooms, intimate and casual.  Often the buildings are erected afresh for each season and constructed from reeds, thatch and wood.  Bathrooms will often be plumbed in but may make the most of the view or be outdoor affairs.  Comfortable but simple lounge and dining areas are normally always complimented by an alfresco option under a shady tree or with a river view.  Be warned that there is a big sliding scale from the charmingly basic to the overtly chic...not all bushcamps were created equal.

There are also mobile tented bushcamping experiences where you walk between prime camping areas while the camp moves ahead of you.  These are lightweight but comfortable tents, normally with a bush loo and bucket shower.  This is one of the best adventures on offer.

In addition there are a range of more established permanent camps and lodges which tend to be more centrally located.  These will have more in the way of facilities, like a pool, and will be more geared for a variety of activities including game drives and possibly boat or even micro-light trips.

For families or groups, "safari houses" are ideal for exclusivity and flexibility.  They come with a private guide, your own chef and to all intents and purposes, it's like having your very own pad in the bush.  You can discuss your activities and set your schedule, ensuring you cater to the interests of your group.

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