Can children go on a riding safari?

Children can definitely go on a riding safari, but you want to make sure you choose the right one. Much will depend on how old your child is and how much experience they have with horses and riding. A child that goes hunting and does gymkhanas and hunter trials is going to be much more confident than a child who has just gone round a school. If riding with big game (ie: elephant, buffalo, lion etc), we would not advise a child under the age of 12 riding, however confident, as it is more a question of trusting that your child will be able to listen and take instruction from the guide. If riding with plains game, say in South Africa, or on trekking safaris in Argentina then the age can come right down and children as young as 6 or 8 (depending where you are) could happily go riding. It is an active safari and some rides can be long so it is very much up to you as a parent to think about what your child can cope with. Also if doing a trekking or travelling safari with your horses it might be an idea to think about forming a private safari and not joining a group so that you can tailor the trip to suit you and the children.

Posted by: Amanda Mitchell

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