Catherine and Kate Humble take a photography masterclass

Being on safari with a professional photographer really opened my eyes as to how to take a half decent photo.  The first lesson Paul gave us was on the composition of the photo and where the main subject should be.  For example, if an animal is looking in a certain direction, then this should be at one side of the photo and the direction it is looking in should be blank.  The results were encouraging!  And the importance of not having too much blank space in the foreground was another revelation.

Elephant Meru National Park, Kenya

I used a camera with a huge lens (Canon 35 - 350 mm) and my better photos were definitely those taken when I had the camera balanced on the top of our car to avoid any camera shake.

One of the best tricks is to lie down on your tummy and take photos of animals from a completely different angle.  This worked really well with the wild dogs.  We lay on the ground by a small dam and watching the dogs play, drink and socialise was just amazing.  We were so close to them and they obviously felt comfortable in our presence.

Posted by: Catherine Ronan

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