Child restrictions in Botswana

There is no easy way to sum up the child restrictions in Botswana. Every lodge seems to have a different rule; some do not allow any children under 12 years, while others allow children but only those over 6 years old are allowed out on excursions (making a family safari a little pointless). The majority of camps set the minimum age at either 8 years or 12 years.

The decision not to allow young children on safari is usually a combination of safety, consideration for other guests and economics. Camps and lodges in Botswana are very safety conscious and so are anxious that in a potentially dangerous encounter with an animal, you only have to think about yourself while haring up a tree. Camps are also unfenced and many are raised on platforms so also not conducive to a relaxing holiday for Mum and Dad. Since all the camps are small and beds are restricted by government regulations, it is difficult for lodges to cater for the additional beds and offer reduced rates. Furthermore, there is the obvious issue of the proximity of wildlife and other guests, both of whom are expecting peace and quiet.

However, all is not lost! There are one or two destinations that actively encourage and cater for children, allowing the folks to have a holiday while the kids are entertained. For example, The Young Explorers club operates out of {Shinde} in the Delta and {Edo’s Camp} in the Kalahari. There are lodges such as Garden Lodge near Kasane from which you can explore Chobe while having a safe, family-friendly place to return to. So, if you are set on a safari for your young family, there are options. If you are not sure about what the average day will be like and whether they are likely to really appreciate the experience, feel free to give us a call and chat about it.

Posted by: Alex

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