Comedian Hugh Dennis on safari with Natural High

Earlier this year we sent comedian and actor (Outnumbered) Hugh Dennis off to the Serengeti to find out why we think it's so worthwhile exploring in April.  Viewed by most as the off season, Easter is quite simply one of the best times to be there in our experience.  Hugh agreed with us and at the same time found out what it's like to feel really outnumered -  here's a snippet of what he had to say:

"My best holiday was a safari with my family. We spent a week in the Serengeti, right in the middle of a wildebeest migration and it was just incredible. It felt almost prehistoric. When you're used to safari parks you think: 'We'll probably see a couple of tired looking lions,' but within five minutes we'd seen lots and lots of them. Within about 10 minutes we'd seen cheetahs just strolling across the plains, hippos, giraffes and a lion devouring a warthog. It was like being in the middle of a Disney movie, like Madagascar or something. We changed camps at one point and moved about 40km and I asked our guide, 'If I walked from here to the other camp, would I make it?' and he said: 'You probably would need a gun but it's not the animals you think would kill you that would actually kill you.' The animal that would kill you is a buffalo, who are apparently really cross."  You can read the full piece on the telegraph website

Hugh spent a few days in two different locations in the Southern Serengeti using a wilderness mobile camp still one of the best ways to get off the beaten track in Northern Tanzania

Posted by: Alex

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