Desert safaris in Namibia

Without a doubt, some of the weirdest and most striking landscapes on earth exists in Namibia - interesting, varied, endlessly compelling.  A safari through these places will literally take your breath away and leave you without adequate words to describe what you are seeing and feeling.

There can’t be many places in the world where you can swim lazy lengths on top of a sand-dune.  Huge gnarled mountains provide a back-drop which changes from grey to red to purple in the setting sun.  Mysterious “fairy circles” dot the wide straw-coloured valley floor as though some divine interior designer opted frivolously for polka-dots.  The creatures you encounter here are also surreal – barking geckos and painted gemsbok.

The open landrover weaves its way along the “road” (two tracks in the red sand), between dry-blue grass that look rather like clumps of tumble-weed, ready to scatter in the wind at any moment.  Later, sitting with a cold green glass bottle in hand and bare feet wiggling deeper into the sand, warm wind stroking your bare wish for time to stand still.

In the evening, standing on the bare timber of the verandah of one of the tented rooms at Wolwedans in the Namib, it’s hard not to seriously consider sleeping on the lounger because it seems such a waste to cover up the gzillions of stars with canvas.

One of the best reasons for visiting Namibia is for the freedom and ease of travel around the country, which although vast, has great infrastructure and a good variety of unusual camps and lodges.  You can either go on an organised trip or choose a well-supported self-drive safari.

Posted by: Amanda Mitchell

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