Experience cultural festivals and food in India, Nepal and Bhutan

Cultural festivals are one of the more vibrant expressions of a country's culture, but in countries like Bhutan where there's no such thing as "ordinary" there are daily opportunities to soak up the grassroots culture.

Meet people...and talk to them

It's that simple.  Take a look beyond the palaces and five star luxury and embrace the daily detail and a simpler way of life, join cultural festivals, tuck into local food and head off the beaten track.

We will share our extensive experience and first-hand knowledge with you, to make your trip a rich and fulfilling experience.

You will stay in a small owner-run hotel or homestay with a welcoming host who will give you insight into the culture.  The flexible local guides truly know the area so they will ensure your stay leaves only a positive impact. 

Experience local culture & festivals in India

Stay with a family in Kerala
Staying at a Homestay in Kerala you will meet wonderful people and sample some of the best food in India.
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Off the beaten track in rural Rajasthan
Visit Rajasthan for an immersion in old India; vibrant colours, small villages and farms, bazaars, markets, camels and bullock carts.
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See the temples of Tamil Nadu
The temples in Tamil Nadu - India's cultural and spiritual heartland - are ancient, but still the very active hub of everyday life.
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Explore Kerala's backwaters by houseboat
Spend a few days exploring Kerala's backwaters from a magnificent kettuvallam houseboat - what better way to soak up the South Indian pace of life.
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Festival season in Bhutan

We'd suggest making your Bhutan holiday more memorable by building it around one of the kingdoms festivals. During the most popular tsechus at Paro and Thimphu our great local connections mean we can secure highly sought after rooms, but we highly recommend more intimate village festivals too.See details and book

For the ultimate in cultural immersion we can arrange for you to stay in a local home; facilities are basic but if you want to get a sense of what life in Bhutan is like there isn't a better way to do so - you’ll be warmly welcomed as part of the family.

Nepal cultural festivals and ceremonies

If you're looking for the best of Nepal's culture begin by exploring Kathmandu; "...every other building is a temple and every other day is a festival."
For the sheer diversity of people, customs and traditions – or chance of happening on a festival – there’s no better place in Nepal to explore than the vibrant Kathmandu Valley. There's a legend behind every shrine, belief in the omnipresent divine and ritual offerings including animal sacrifice.See details and book

During your stay

Staying with a respected family in their ancestral home and enjoying delicious home-cooked food, you’re treated as a personal guest and invariably part as lifelong friends. Staying in small locally owned properties where the family has a strong relationship with the surrounding community is also an excellent way to explore village life.

For other extraordinary cultural festivals we try to arrange accommodation on site so that you’re never far from the action.

If you think you'd enjoy this grassroots approach to cultural travel, do get in touch.  We're happy to elaborate on ideas and flesh them out into potential itineraries so you get a full understanding of how these trips work.

Explore more in India, Nepal and Bhutan

As well as cultural tours, we offer a range of other wonderful experiences to suit other tastes and travel desires. Choose a country below to explore more options.

India travel
From the snow-capped peaks of the Himalaya to lazy tropical backwaters, from colourful desert villages to jungles home to endangered wildlife.
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Bhutan travel
Self-isolation has helped Bhutan preserve its unique culture of timeless traditions, myths and legends, sacred mountains and fast flowing rivers.
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Nepal travel
What Nepal lacks in land mass it makes up for with the most spectacular mountain scenery in the world, an incredible melting pot of cultures and landscapes.
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