Family riding holiday in South Africa

This is a great family adventure for those that enjoy their riding.  Based at a comfortable lodge on a large private estate in South Africa, you can enjoy morning and afternoon rides, polo cross and game viewing, in addition to a stack of other activities for riders and non-riders alike.  You can spend a good amount of time in one place, where you can be as busy as you like, and where the whole family can simply enjoy time together.

After a long afternoon ride, cantering along with wildebeest, giraffe and other plains game or walking past grazing rhino, with horse and game happily living alongside each other; strip off to your swimming costume, take the saddle off your horse and hop back on.   Bareback splash into the dam – hippo keeping their distance – your horse happily goes deeper and deeper as you cling onto his mane and he starts to bounce and then suddenly your legs are taken away and you are both swimming.     With delighted squeals you feel the freedom and excitement and the cool water refreshing both horse and rider.     When you have finished, cling on tight as your horse shakes the water off, making your teeth rattle in your head and giggle weakly as you try to stay on then head back to the lodge for sundowners and dinner. 

The horses are a mixture of Anglo-arabs, throroughbreds, Boerperds and crossbreds and there are over fifty horses to choose from so you'll always find a mount that will suit you.

Posted by: Amanda Mitchell

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