First Letter from Zimbabwe

Now, before you jump to conclusions, this is not Alistair Cooke back from the grave... but wait!  Before you immediately banish any hope of insightful and sparkly commentary (the kind that makes you mark the weekly slot on your calendar and cease your household chores to listen), I do hope to provide some small entertainment at the very least. By way of brief introduction, I have recently joined the Natural High team as their little outpost in southern Africa.  Brought up in Kenya and having spent a good amount of time evading my parents in pursuit of adventure in east and southern Africa, I have spent the last decade working in the travel industry.  I am delighted to be back under the big skies after two years studying and working in London.   From Harare, Zimbabwe, I will be seeking out those amazing experiences that give Natural High its name and will be providing firsthand information about the whys and wherefores of Botswana, Namibia, Zambia Mozambique and Zimbabwe.  So, for those of you who may be thinking of venturing south in search of the diversity, spectacular scenery, culture and wildlife peculiar to this part of the world; I look forward to helping you plan your trip. Right...back to business.  We thought that since pretty much everything that you have heard about Zimbabwe is likely to make you run in the opposite direction, this is a great opportunity to give you a regular snippet of observation and insight about the country itself which may make you think again. I only arrived yesterday after travelling so far, but the amazing thing is that in some ways I am not very far from London at all.  For example, I am currently living on Oxford Road which runs perpendicular to Cambridge Road.  Not far away is King George Road which leads to Kensington shopping centre.   On the other side of the ridge the roads take their names from the Irish and round the corner many hail from north of the border.    While many of the streets in the centre of town now bear the names of heroes of the independence struggle, there remains a little piece of England in Zimbabwe.  Watch this space for more titbits as life in Harare unfolds.

Posted by: Amanda Mitchell

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