The endangered Grevy’s Zebra

Only found in Kenya and Ethiopia, current estimates put the total population of Grevy's Zebra remaining in the wild at approximately 1,966 to 2,447 - less than half of the number of the famously endangered Black Rhino - and down 50% in the last 20 years through habitat loss and hunting.

The largest wild equid, Grevy's Zebra are taller than the (much more widespread) Plains Zebra and have large, rounded ears and thin elegant stripes. They are both photogenic and reasonably approachable and the best places to see them include Lewa, Laikipia and Samburu  in northern Kenya where they can survive in the semi-arid scrubland for up to five days without water.

Jules Grévy was an ardent billiards player and some-time President of France, who was gifted his eponymous zebra by the government of Abyssinia in the 1880's - their Kiswahili name “Punda kanga” or white-rumped zebra is a little less obscure.

Posted by: Rod Tether

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