Himalaya Trekking: gentle treks in India, Bhutan and Nepal

With a private guide and a trek planned with you in mind the ‘land of snow’ offers even the most novice trekker the chance to discover some of the most spectacular scenery on the planet and offers memories that will last a lifetime.

Indian Himalaya Trekking

For many, the Himalaya is synonymous with Nepal, but vast stretches of this magnificent range form the northern borders of India. Straddling five states from Ladakh in the northwest to Sikkim in the east, the Indian Himalaya and its foothills offer an incredible diversity of scenery and culture; the mountains continue to dominate local lives as they have done for centuries.

In Kumaon, Ladakh and Sikkim one of the best ways to explore these compellingly beautiful and remote regions is on village walks. We tailor each walk to suit you and you walk in the company of a charming and knowledgeable guide, far away from well-trodden trails, where you may not see another tourist for days. Your luggage is transported for you and at the end of the day you stay in rustic, homely luxury and comfort in converted village houses allowing you to really get ‘under the skin’ of an area and to ‘live’ it, like no other.

There’s also the opportunity to spend days out on privately guided mountain walks from places like the understated luxury lodge, Leti 360. Due to the remoteness of the locations there is a minimum four night stay but you can do as much or as little walking as you want and as all arrangements in the villages are private they make the perfect holiday for friends and families. Read more about our walking and trekking holdiays in India and take a look at following articles :

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Nepal Himalaya Trekking

The Himalaya dominate Nepal. Endless ridges and valleys are criss-crossed by a vast network of trails that have been trodden for centuries. They continue to be regularly used by local people who will pass you by often carrying impossibly large loads but remain constantly good-natured and friendly with trekkers. The scenery is nothing short of spectacular.

Our Nepal treks are generally less strenuous and more luxurious than the word trek has come to mean, with accommodation in comfortable rustic lodges where you’ll have a clean and cosy room with en-suite bathroom complete with hot running water – a real luxury in the mountains. Accompanied by a private guide, with your luggage carried by a Sherpa porter, you need only enjoy the experience and soak up the views. Take a look at our lodge based trekking in the lower Annapurna, perfect for fit regular hikers and ideal for active families too.

For the ultimate challenge, without compromising on comfort, the trek to Everest Base Camp takes you into the heart of the world’s highest mountains and in the footsteps of legendary mountaineers.  Take a look at these articles on trekking in Nepal

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Trekking in Bhutan's Himalaya

Trekking in Bhutan is a complete wilderness experience that sets it apart from walking anywhere else in the Himalaya. Walking is the only way to reach some remote communities and many trekking routes, such as the centuries old Druk Path between Paro and Thimphu, follow old trade routes, some ultimately leading to Tibet.

The lower hills are covered in pristine forest, while above the tree line the country is wild and rugged; alpine pastures are grazed by yaks (where there are so many edelweiss you can barely avoid stepping on them) and passes are marked with prayer flags blowing in the wind.

Our private Himalaya treks in Bhutan are usually two to six days long and accompanied by a knowledgeable guide, with ponies or yaks to carry camping gear and supplies. The trekking day tends to be longer than in India and Nepal with a lunch break for an energy packed meal before completing your walk in the afternoon. There are no lodges or tea houses on the trails and simple overnight camps are pitched by your crew in a scenic spot at the end of each day with views of brilliant stars in the night sky.  Take a look at the following articles on Bhutan:

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Get in touch and we'll be delighted to plan your walk or trek and book your trip to the Himalaya.

Posted by: Andrea Hulme

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