How fit do you need to be on a walking safari in Kenya

While many people ask how fit you need to be to do a walking safari in Kenya, in most cases fitness really isn't an issue.  Generally, where animals are concerned, walking safaris tend to be more productive the slower you travel.  This is because the slower you travel, the less noise you're likely to make...and the more you'll be able to look around you.  In many places in Kenya, there is the option to take a gentle walk of a few hours as part of the day's activities and it's something that we'd highly recommend.  For this, mostly you just need to be healthy and be able to cope with some uneven ground, and gentle ascents, and have a pair of comfortable walking/hiking shoes (definitley no sandals!).  For multi-day walking safaris, although the pace is gentle and the walks aimed at allowing you the time to experience your surroundings, stop to look at interesting stuff, and take regular view and refreshment breaks, you need to be confident that you'll be happy on your feet for probably four or five hours a day.  Sometimes it will be a bit hot (and this can be more of an issue than your fitness), although most of the walking is done in the cool of the early morning or late afternoon.  You are on holiday though, and the guides are always alert to making sure you can cope, and altering the pace accordingly.

We'll always help you find something that is suitable and often it just takes a bit of a discussion between us to ensure that you're embarking on something that you'll be comfortable with.

Posted by: Amanda Mitchell

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