How fit should I be for a walking safari in Tanzania?

The thing about the best walking safaris is that they are by definition not strenuous, so if you're used to walking at home and can manage being on foot for a few hours at a time, then you will be fine.  In simplistic terms, when you’re walking in an environment populated by large wild animals, it pays to go slowly…and quietly.  The best guides will insist that you walk in single file and the pace they set will be slow (based on the slowest member of the group) and steady.  Take a glimpse at a walking safari in Tanzania's Serengeti.

The reasons for this aren’t entirely about safety – although this is a good reason in itself.  The truth is that you pick up an enormous amount from listening and going as silently as humanly possible.  While walks don’t generally produce as much up-close game viewing as traveling by vehicle, occasionally it is possible to get astonishingly close to big game and this is an experience never to be forgotten. The satisfaction of approaching animals (any wild animal, not just the big stuff) in such a way that it has no idea you’re there, is really hard to beat. It’s a difficult thing to do, animals are ever alert to the presence of man, so alarm calls are readily given – and received - by beasts large and small.  But to watch an animal that is truly unaware of your presence is an exciting thing to do.

While being more than averagely fit isn’t something to worry about in most cases, being prepared for heat is something that needs to be taken very seriously.  This generally means drinking plenty of water -  something that most guides will carry with them - and being alert to dehydration. Other precautions are common sense by and large; footwear needn’t be elaborate – a pair of trainers or desert boots is ideal.  Clothing should be above all comfortable, but you can probably leave the hawaian shirts for the beach.

And most important – remember to take a good pair of binoculars.

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