How safari days are structured in Zambia

Most of the camps, with the exception of specialist walking camps, offer game drives, walking and night drives.  Unlike some other destinations where activities follow a rigorously pre-determined schedule, you can usually expect a reasonable degree of flexibility.  Clearly there are better times of the day to do drives/walks than others and your guide will advise you accordingly, but if you see something fantastic out on a drive, you can rest assured that you won't be hustled back to camp because breakfast is at 8.42am on the dot.

You will normally expect to discuss the order of the day the night before with your guide. As a general guideline, you'll get up at about 5am for a quick, simple breakfast and will be out game driving or walking as the sun comes up. You will most likely stop for tea and coffee under some lovely tree and then head back to camp for brunch. You may then go out again in the afternoon and may find yourself driving back to camp as night falls.

In the specialist walking camps, you get up with the sun, have an early breakfast before heading out for a walk, returning for lunch. You then go out again in the afternoon but will be back in camp before the sun goes down. Some places may cater for lunch out in the bush and you will be walking for the best parts of the day, perhaps between camps.  Normally the heat of the day is avoided as it is siesta time for animals just as it should be for people.

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