How safe is it to visit Zakouma in Chad

Given its recent history and collection of unsavoury neighbours (including the CAR, Northern Nigeria, Sudan and Libya) western diplomats have been cautious about their travel advice regarding Chad and this is possibly exacerbated by the fact the tourism industry is very much in its infancy.

We take our cue from our contacts on the ground who give us up to date information and will advise us immediately if there was anything untoward occurring or likely. N'djamena receives a good number of foreign visitors, mostly businessmen and aid organisation staff and thus the city caters for international travellers.

As with much of Africa there is nowhere safer than deep in the bush and Zakouma National Park is currently exceptionally well protected. While the usual risks of being on a safari are there and accidents and illness can occur, with sensible precautions being taken there is certainly no a greater chance of misadventure happening here than anywhere else.

We advise that you check current FCO guidelines for up to date information and double-check with your insurer that your travel insurance will be valid or whether you will need to purchase supplimentary cover which we can recommend brokers for this if required.

There is malaria in Chad – please speak to your medical practitioner for advice with regards prophylactics. A valid Yellow Fever innoculation certificate is required to enter Chad. Natural High is organising safaris into Zakouma National Park led by Rod Tether.

Talk to Rod if you'd like to hear more about these trips to Zakouma National Park.


Posted by: Alex

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