India Safari: Tailor made wildlife trips in India

We’ve been planning safaris in India for years and knowing the huge range of indigenous and migratory species it supports it never ceases to amaze us how this diversity has been kept secret for so long. Everyone knows that India is the land of the tiger – but it’s also home to another two of the world’s four Big Cat species, leopard and lion, in addition to three species of wild ox and eight of wild deer. India is a wildlife destination that gives Africa a run for its money.

Each region has its own distinct character and balance of species and our approach is to get you to the right areas at the right time of year – and most importantly in India, with the right people who have a genuine enthusiasm for conservation and passion for all wildlife. Whether you're looking for a luxury India safari, a tented camp or a simple lodge in the wilderness, there's something in India for you. Find out more about a typical day on an India safari.


Ranthambhore is famed for its tigers and they must be among the most photographed and filmed in India as they roam freely through the ruins of an ancient fort. We work with people here whose families have long been involved in wildlife conservation to give you a complete India safari experience and, as far as possible, keep you away from the crowds.

The northeast is rhino country. Kaziranga is particularly good for sightings – an unintended by product of the successful tiger protection efforts here – and riding through the dawn mists on the back of an elephant to come face to face with rhino is a primordial experience.


Central India lays claim to some of the best wildlife areas in the country. When it comes to diversity of habitat and species variety Kanha is hard to beat. Kipling’s Jungle Book was conceived here and the barasingha (swamp deer) rescued from near extinction. In addition to jeep safaris there’s the option to track tiger from elephant back – an extraordinary experience as neither seems to mind the other being there.

In the same region Bandhavgarh is teeming with both migratory and resident bird species and together with Kanha these two parks make a perfect India safari, especially for tiger spotting.

Satpura is generally less rewarding in sightings of large mammals but is rich in terms of the overall experience it offers. It is the only place in India where you can go on a walking safari - absolutely the best way to experience the sights, sounds and smells of the jungle. 

Lesser-known Tadoba is the perfect complement to Satpura, with the highest density of tigers in India sightings are almost guaranteed, including adolescent cubs who have provided some heart-stopping moments while establishing sibling supremacy in the past year.  It is also one of the few parks that are open all year round, offering the opportunity to visit in the monsoon season. Read more about the best time to go on safari in India.


Nagarhole in the south is one of the best places in the world to see Asian elephant, particularly in the dry summer season when they congregate on the banks of the Kabini at sunset. We work with the best guides at Nagarhole who can also make your chance of spotting leopard and tiger exceptionally good.

Get in touch and we'll be delighted to plan and book your taior-made India safari.

Posted by: Andrea Hulme

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