Kenya family safaris - Spirited family adventures in the wild

Kenya offers almost ideal conditions for a family safari: plenty of choice, lots of exciting stuff to do, places where you can linger for a week and not be bored, and an ideal climate.  Some of our favourite family bolt-holes are located on the private game ranches in the north of Kenya.  Seeing great wildlife (and you will) is only a small part of what's on offer in Kenya.

Generations of old Kenyan families have grown up here, and the laidback farm-feel combined with the safari adventures to be had in the craggy countryside is an almost perfect mix for grown-ups and children alike.  Days are more relaxed here, and can be happily filled with gentle hacks on the horses or swimming in rivers, getting to know the flamboyant Samburu, or riding a camel.

The barefoot freedom that youngsters will discover here is just as much a holiday for parents, who can enjoy a break without worrying what the little rascals are upto.  We’ve seen in our own children that such holidays are memorable at the least, and life changing at the best.  For a well-rounded trip, a few days on the squeaky sand of the Kenyan coast can’t be faulted.

Posted by: Amanda Mitchell

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