In Praise of Knobbly Carrots

Don't mistake convenience for flavour

In the 70s, carrots used to be all shapes and sizes; big ones, little ones, knobbly ones. Straight carrots were something of an oddity – like an egg with two yolks. But not any more. For the last 20 years supermarkets have only sold carrots that are straight as a snooker cue and identical in size. They're easy to package and peel, so they’re sort of convenient. The problem is that straightness is no guarantee of flavour.

What - you may ask - has this to do with safaris? Well curiously, we believe there’s a similar process at work in the world of wilderness travel. A move to make things uniform, easier to package, and a focus on things that don’t actually add up to something special. What’s more, it’s happening at the expense of some of the more creative and unusual experiences that you’re likely to find anywhere in the world.

Some of the best experiences we know are those where the physical ingredients are pretty basic. A camp in Zambia made entirely of sticks and straw, offering some of the best walking in Africa, a small cabin in a breathtaking location in the south of Svalbard’s Polar Bear country or a wildly luxurious camp on Lake Tanganyika made entirely out of old lake dhows that occupies one of the most beautiful locations in Africa.

We believe that safaris are predominantly about extraordinary wilderness, wildlife and people. We feel the best camps are defined by individuality, passion and creativity and these are the places we’d most like to suggest to you. So we hope you’ll understand when we say we'd like to offer you a few carrots that may be slightly wonky and maybe a bit harder to peel, but in doing so, make absolutely sure your safari has plenty of flavour.

Posted by: Alex

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