Okavango Mokoro Safaris - silent boat safaris in the Okavango Delta

The Okavango Delta is one of the few places where you can indulge in the safari experience from a couple of feet above the clear water in a dug out canoe.  In some camps, it is in fact the only way you can explore, while others offer mokoro trips as the seasonal changes in water levels allow.  As a completely different experience to your dusty game drive, it should be top of the to-do list when visiting the Okavango.

The gentle splashing of the paddles and the water moving against the hull are all you hear at first.  Then, as your senses tune in, you start to notice the call of the kingfisher balancing on a bendy reed over the channel.  The sunlight skips across the ripples and warms your back as you pause to watch a family of elephant come to drink.  This is the ultimate in peace and quiet.

Travelling by canoe through the Okavango Delta is slow by nature, and you can’t dash over to see an animal spotted in the distance.  However, you’ll find that a surprising number of birds and animals congregate around the islands, lagoons and reed beds of the Delta.  You just have to quietly glide by and keep your eyes peeled.

Posted by: Amanda Mitchell

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