Outstanding game viewing in Kenya’s Masai Mara

The Masai Mara is still one of the best game experiences you could hope to have.  Aside from the undeniably spectacular prospect of seeing tens of thousands of wildebeest brave the crocodiles as they cross the Mara River en masse, the Mara has a huge variety of general wildlife and among the best chances to get great views of lion, cheetah and even leopard.  The rolling plains and treed thickets are reminiscent of the days of early explorers and many of the small camps retain the same authentic, low-key feel that we like so much.  A fairly concentrated wildlife experience, days start early to take advantage of predators on the move, but afternoons are spent lazily in camp before heading out once again in the cool of the evening.  Although the migration (July – October) is a highlight, good wildlife can be found out of season, with the added benefit of fewer people.

However, the Mara has seen a lot of development over the past 15 years and so you need to choose carefully where to go.  Community conservancies now provide an important buffer to the reserve itself and these are often the best places to find small, authentic camps in beautiful areas, far from the busier game routes.  Here, you can enjoy fantastic game drives and walks amongst the undulating plains and treed thickets that are so typical of the Mara. 

Posted by: Amanda Mitchell

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