Remote island escapes off the Mozambique coast

Now this is your paradise-island-like-you-see-on-the-brochure...only it's real. Remote, elegantly simple and truly lovely.

Every now and then, there is the opportunity to drop off the map and find yourself in the almost photo-shopped perfection of a desert island in a turquoise sea.  The Quirimbas and Bazaruto archipelagos off the coast of Mozambique provide just such a treat.  A scattering of coral atolls, pure white sand spits curving along rich reefs, bright fish and gentle warm waves.  There are no big resorts, just small lodges where you can discard your watch, spend the day barefoot in a pair of shorts and little else, and let the natural cycle of sunshine and starlight dictate your activities.  Some of these islands require a little bit of effort to get to...but then again, the best things often do.

Posted by: Amanda Mitchell

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