Riding safari around Botswana’s Makgadikgadi Pans

Wall-to-wall skies, open plains to gallop across, a guide with acres of experience, and comfortable tented simplicity at the end of the day.

The silence, space and essential-quality of the Magkadikgadi Pan are probably best appreciated either on foot or from the saddle.  The sense of wild freedom, warm sun on your back and the crunch of hooves on the salty crust are the things you’re likely to remember when flicking through the pictures later on.

The Makgadikgadi pans offer some unique highlights -  the chance to interact with a local meerkat family, some of the largest baobab trees in the world - and walks with bushmen to learn about this fascinating part of Africa.

In the capable hands of David Foot, and with reliable steeds, an exploration of the Pan and its palm fringed edges is unique in Africa.  Combining permanent tented camps with simple fly-camping, days are spent riding, but also on foot and with the odd game-drive.  The wildlife here sparse but special: desert adapted species such as meerkats, brown hyena, giraffe and ostrich are regularly seen.  However, the real reason to come here is for big skies, no people, unusual scenery and the most stars you’re ever likely to see in your life.

Posted by: Amanda Mitchell

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